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    As many of you know, Britain is home to some fantastic ‘indie’ miniature companies. They’ve been pumping out ranges of interesting and characterful models for us to paint, all without the backing of a large fan-base or serious investment. Hasslefree and Heresy have been going for years, while smaller outfits like JoeK and Statuesque are still building up a catalogue.

    Here at Platoon Britannica, we’re enormously proud of the talent and ambition shown by British indie manufacturers, and we like to support these guys as much as possible. Our support takes many forms, through things like buying their products and never getting around to painting them, telling all our mates about how awesome their models are, or simply stopping by their stands at Salute to say hi and exchange tea-brewing notes.

    As you also know, Platoon Britannica is all about building a community of like-minded painters. We offer advice and feedback, push each other to improve, and have meet-ups across the country, and lots of us have made great friends within the larger painting community as a result.

    In recent times, the economic downturn has hit our beloved indie manufacturers as much as it’s hit other industries, and for many of these people, selling models provides the only income for their families. So, it should come as no surprise that Platoon Britannica wants to reach out and help!

    The funny thing is, a model from one of these companies will only cost you £5-10 and provide you with hours of painting, so there’s no reason it has to be this way! This is the founding idea behind the BEST OF BRITISH: get everyone to focus on one or two indie companies for a couple of months, bringing the company itself a few sales and (hopefully) a lot of good press from the results.

    If in doubt, remember that without these guys we wouldn’t have Iacton’s Eva la Revolucion, Talonicus’s Salute-winning Libby on Tigress, Avicenna’s also-Salute-winning Wolf the Barbarian, or loads of other inspirational pieces.

    This is why we’re establishing the BEST OF BRITISH, which will run regular painting competitions, paintalongs, and other events, all to highlight the quality we have right here with our indie manufacturers.
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