Artis Opus Series S Kolinsky Sable Brush Kickstarter

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    Hi guys,

    Seven days ago Artis Opus launched our first Kickstarter and our company with our ‘Series S’ kolinsky sable brushes. You may have seen our advertisments elsewhere. We thought we’d take the opportunity to post here, introduce ourselves, and give anyone interested the chance to ask questions (although you’re more than welcome to ask on Kickstarter too!).

    We’ve worked with some of the best artists in the industry:

    Angel Giraldez
    Andy Wardle
    Gareth Nicholas
    Neil Hollis
    Richard Gray

    We set out to make a superior product, using only the finest ingredients and featuring small but significant alterations to make a brush which not only gives you the best tool for the job, but is a pleasure to use!

    Our brushes feature a full-bodied belly, with slightly longer hair than standard. It sounds a little odd but they hold more paint than other brushes of their size as a result of this. This means less trips to the pallet, faster painting, less paint drying on the brush and better performance.

    It’s not only our head that is full-bodied; our handle is also a couple of of MM wider than most brushes. This change is quick to adjust to, and although small has a two significant benefits; the first is increasing brush controll and grip, the second is alleviating ‘painter’s cramp’, stiffness, and being generally more comfortable. This should be particularly noticable for anyone painting longer than 30-40minutes.

    Link to our Kickstarter:

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask, we’ll endeavor to reply as soon as possible!

    James, Artis Opus Co-founder

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