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    Welcome to Figure Painter Magazine issue 47.
    This issue has a bit of an old familiar ‘Basement’ feel to it, with articles from Adrian Hopwood who bring us a brilliant introduction into mixed media model making and painting with his War Pig tutorial. To add to that, Adrian also gives us his thoughts on a relatively new miniature from Grey Matter Figures. Continuing the ‘Basement’ feel, we have the second part to Conrad Mynett’s ‘Cyclops’ tutorial. When I said The Basement, I meant the long gone and sadly missed forum, not the underground dwelling.
    Also in this issue, we have a catch up with our Pegaso painting competition. You should see what we have on display here, the miniatures are awesome! We also take a look at a model and paint set from Andrea Models, plinths from Pete’s Bases and a load of miniature reviews.
    Launching this issue, we have a great Insight interview conducted by Davide Rainone with the most successful Golden Demon winner there is - Angelo Di Chello … a very interesting read!

    Don't forget to check out the latest issue of Initiative Magazine too.


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