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  1. Fet

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    Best of British - The Hasslefree Hustle

    13th November - 15th January

    As you may have divined from the title, we've elected to support Hasslefree for our first competition. So, without further ado, the rules:

    1. Members
    2. Staff
    Any member of Platoon Britannica can enter the competition as long as their entry meets the criteria below. We've split out the staff from the competition so that it's impossible for us to win anything other than bragging rights (which, as we all know, are worth billions of pounds), while being able to take part and hopefully keep everyone motivated.

    You can enter up to two pieces, each of which must follow these guidelines:
    • Max base size 50 x 50mm.
    • You can use as many models in your entry as you like, as long as they are mostly Hasslefree.
    • You're free to use models from other companies, as long as they are from a UK-based company, and the Hasslefree pieces remain in the majority.
    You're more than welcome to post up WIP and finished shots (and we'd encourage it!).
    Final pics should be sent to: pbcomps@LIVE.CO.UK
    • Pics can be any dimensions, but please keep them below 300k.
    • You can only submit one picture per entry, but composite images are allowed.
    • Entries close Sunday 15th January, at 7pm.
    We'll put up a gallery of all entries so that they can all be seen in one space.

    Judging will be done by a poll, open to all members of Platoon Britannica, running for one week from the time it opens. With that much time, everyone will have a chance to snipe the mod or admin they like the most. And vote on the real competition, of course.

    Finally, all the loot for the two winning entries will be donated by the staff from our comically large piles of unpainted models. As a teaser, we can already confirm that the following have been donated:
    • Hasslefree Suzi with pistol
    • Hasslefree Ceril, Brooding Elven Lord
    • Hasslefree Officer Nick
    • Hasslefree Demon Children
    • BNSminiature plinths
    • 250 x 75mm sculptiboard
    • Darkmessiah Bases - Fantasy town set
    • Hasslefree original metal Axenarf (armoured ogre)
    • Hasslefree Tiriel (kneeling female Paladin)
    • Hasslefree Liberty (Viking girlie)
    • Hasslefree Harem girl
    • Hasslefree Sebastian (old knight)
    • Hasslefree Alice (pistol and stuffed rabbit)
    • Hasslefree Kat (not-Beckinsale)
    • Hasslefree Shimmer
    Yes, ALL of that is up for grabs! And remember: this is only the beginning!
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    Update on 18/11, as spotted on Facebook - LINKY

    So there we go. A little extra incentive! :D
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  3. Iacton

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    This is a 7 day warning, peeps!

    Please remember that ALL entries must be submitted via EMAIL to the address in the rules thread.

    If it's not in by Sunday night, it's NOT in...

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone has done :)

    And remember, that we have some extras pledged by Hasslefree themselves, which we will ask Kev and Sally to choose their own favourite(s) to bequeath a prize to ;)
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